A Photograph That Still Inspires Me

This is a photo I captured back in 2013. I gave it a simple name - “Poor but happy” - the term I learnt from my early-school books.

I forgot the name of the person. This man used to be a newspaper-seller aka hawker in Kamlapur Railway Station in Dhaka. This photo of his mesmerizing smile won few awards, a number of dinners at good places and a little cash prize, too. I shared a portion of the cash I received with the person.

During these quarantine days, I spent some time in going down the memory lane of my photography activities. I don’t do photography in that way now. However, this journey taught me to see things in multiple perspectives. I got to interact with people on the street and learnt about their lives. Probably the photographs I took on the street still makes me emotional and gives an urge to do something for the poor people. I haven’t done anything significant for these people yet but I want to, at some point of my life.

I wish I could know where the person is now!

Nahian Bin Khaled
Nahian Bin Khaled
Research and Policy Enthusiast

My research interests include political economy, public policy, education, social safety net, and program evaluation.