Students' Organization: Economics Study Center

During my tenure as President (2015-16) at ESC, I initiated and edited the first ever students' economics digest of Bangladesh- "Bangladesh Students' Digest on Economics and Development", a compilation of academic articles by undergrad students in Bangladesh. With our team, we organized 10 seminars and symposiums on global and regional economic issues conducted by the prominent economists of Bangladesh to encourage the students in research analysis.


I have been debating since high school. Since then I've won multiple championships, co-authored a book on debating, and trained hundreds of students.


I don’t know how to put the sentence—“I love to travel”—in a poetic manner but yes, I love to observe the diversity among people in different regions, their lifestyle and the nature that they live in.


Sometimes, I become a visual storyteller. Although my current involvement in photography mostly relies on my travel and field research destinations, I was an event photographer until 2017.